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Re: Download Goes Backwards

by Datimio

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Re: Download Goes Backwards

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Or, you know, it could be that Origin is a really rubbish bit of software.

But blaming peoples internet connections would be an easier 'fix' for EA and it bumbling staff...
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Re: Download Goes Backwards

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But why is it that all my other games are installed with no problem in no time (I'm not talking about small sized games) and Battlefield 1 for example through Origin is not. It's not about the internet connection it must be something about Origin itself that is not working very well I guess. You see there's a lot of people experiencing the same problem… and most gamers have reliable internet connection.

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Re: Download Goes Backwards

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I've been having the same exact problem for over a year now with all my games really, Tried all the fixes and yet nothing works I've been downloading battlefront 2 for almost two days now and cant get past 65%. If these games were available on steam I would never touch Origin. 

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Re: Download Goes Backwards

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It's now 2018 and this hasn't been resolved.

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Re: Download Goes Backwards

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Trying to download the Anthem Alpha and this is happening.
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Re: Download Goes Backwards

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Just ran into the same problem installing Anthem.

I cleared it up by pausing the download, exiting the Origin installer, then going into Task Manager and killing the process there as well.  Restarted Origin, and unpausing the download.  Download proceeded normally and at a higher download speed until completion.


Your milage may vary,



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Re: Download Goes Backwards

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Its now april 2019 and my friends and I are all having this issue, when installing games or just updating. EVERY SINGLE TIME we update we get this issue. How is it still around today

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