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Re: Customer service rude Disconnected me Case#50670133

by EA_Darko

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Customer service rude Disconnected me Case#50670133

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I started a Customer Service chat When it was clear they couldn't fix my problem I  asked to be Escalated the until refused to escalate me until the third time I asked. Even then I'm not sure I was escalated  as there name remained the same in in the window. When the second person was repeating the same as the first and refused to help I asked to file a bug report they said no  just disconnected me, and basically told me I was lying  Can someone high up in customer satisfaction  forward my Case number 50670133. 




I'll sum it up anyway, I bought a game and its expansion about 5 years ago and now its showing as two copies of the same game in On the Origin App  And they are saying its not possible and I bought the same game twice. They even asked for a screen shot then told me I bought the same game twice. I said no I bought the game and the expansion why would I buy the same game twice.. They said No you bought this twice it show that in you account.. and I said I know what it shows in my account but that isn't the case can I be escalated. No you bought the same game twice...  Ask to be escalated twice more and I am told I'm talking to the Floor Supervisor now but there was no name change.  I explain the same thing and am told  I bought the same game twice.  and they asked for an Email from 5 years ago that I couldn't provide.. Then They say they cant help me I say can you escalate this so I can file a bug report then I'm no goodbye  and they disconnect the chat and make it so they whole chat disappears..  Couldn't grab a screen shot or ask for a transcript be cause they disconnect me without resolution unexpectedly  

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Re: Customer service rude Disconnected me Case#50670133

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Sorry to hear that you are not happy @Cel_Prime.


Can I ask, with which game is it that you are having issues? Can you also let me know the name of the expansion pack and where you purchased the game from?


The more info we have the better we can help though keep in mind that as this issue is account-based you may need to speak with our live support again.



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