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Re: Cannot Submit Bug Report

by Kiwibom

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Cannot Submit Bug Report

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★★★★ Novice

So i want to report a bug on Battlefield 5 but for some reason when i try to submit it nothing happens

I tried to change browsers ( on Windows 10 Firefox and Edge, on Mac os Mojave Safari)

does someone know what i did wrong


Submit button is there i just couldn't get into the screenshot

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Re: Cannot Submit Bug Report

Community Manager

That's an odd one @Kiwibom. The first thing to do is ensure that you have information in all the text boxes, I can see that you have a few blank ones so would you mind putting information in there and then trying again. Also, if you copy and pasted in the information in your main text box then can you just go ahead and hit the space bar a few times as there can be issues with the Submit button not appearing when you simply copy and paste the information in. 


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Re: Cannot Submit Bug Report

★★★★ Novice

i tried to fill out the blanks but still the same. The preview button works but for some reason not the submit one

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Re: Cannot Submit Bug Report

Community Manager

When you hit Submit @Kiwibom does anything at all happen?


Is it possible to try submitting it in a private browser window or on a different browser?


The more info we have the better we can narrow this down.


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Re: Cannot Submit Bug Report

★★★★ Novice

wait I think I found why 

for some reason when I try to attach files with my report the submit button doesn't work like nothing happens when I click on it but when I try to submit it  it without any files attached to it it works 




Private browser window and changing different browser didn't work that's what I tried before posting this thread 

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