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Re: Can’t use games without internet?

by yahel_1

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Can’t use games without internet?

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So.. I don’t have internet anymore at home, but that’s never been an issue for me when I go to play my games, but now, when I click sims (or any other game), origin will pop up like always, but it won’t ask me to sign in like it used to , now it just tells me that it’s unable to connect, well I don’t have internet so of course I can’t connect, but it should still run. This is seriously a disappointment, I live on a farm half hour from town, so I can’t exactly just walk to the nearest library ect for wifi. Is this because it updated? Is there a bug? Like I do come to town every so often and I bring my laptop, so it must’ve updated without my knowledge, but that shouldnt prevent me from playing my games.... ugh. It’s very frustrating, please help.
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Re: Can’t use games without internet?

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Hi @Ninjetterfox 


You need to do this steps:


Clear Origin cache


Restart your machine .


Run the setup file Origin with Admin rights



How to enable Offline Mode in Origin.


-you must log in once while online. This caches your account on your machine so you can log in while offline. If you acquire a new game, you'll want to log in once online to ensure your offline cache is up to date.


-you must launch any game you want to play once while online. This ensures the game is properly set up on that machine so it can thereafter be played in offline mode.


-now you should be able to log in while offline and play your games in offline mode.


 NOTE your Origin client will stay in Offline Mode until you turn it back online from the same Origin menu. In addition to this, even if you had to close your client for any reason whatsoever and required entering your Username and Password again, you will not require a connection to the internet.


More details here


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Re: Can’t use games without internet?

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Unfortunately, i've tried all of still doesnt work when not connected to internet... 

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