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Re: Can’t play online (

by skizzopazzo_usa

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I can no longer gain access to EA servers - I believe my account has been hacked as verification code to log in is being sent to "uf*****" which certainly isnt my email address.


I've been in contact with EA multiple times over the past couple of days but that's got me nowhere.


Every EA employee asks the same question "what email address did I use to set the account up".


I set the account up over 5 years ago, i have no idea!!! i didn't even realise i had an EA/Origin account!


It obvious I've been hacked, why will nobody from EA actually help! terrible customer service!

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Re: uf*****

Community Manager

Hey, all.

If you're seeing a different email address registered to your EA account it seems likely that someone else has gained access to your account credentials. If you are no longer able to access your account please contact our Live-Support team by filling out the account recovery form below.

Click here for account recovery


How to Maintain Account Security

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Re: Can’t play online (

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@jqjakeq501 Im right now on chat with EA support person ... he already admitted there are numerous cases going on on this subject .. lets see what happens
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Re: Can’t play online (

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@Evenderz1 The issue has been fixed , EA customer services is not that bad as we read everywhere..
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Re: Can’t play online (

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I'm having the same problem!

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Re: Can’t play online (

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I have the same problem and idk how to fix it cz i can't purchase on SWTOR * this yomail

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Re: Can’t play online (

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Please inform how it was fixed for you because I'm having the same issue , I have multiple cases open, and no resolution PERIOD!

Please share with us how they fixed for you.


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