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Re: Can't open Origin

by HulkBusterXLIV

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Can't open Origin

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The OriginThinSetup.exe isn't working. It will download but it won't run when I try to open it. I'll click it and nothing happens. I have already tried doing a clean boot and renaming it originTMP. I've heard that some other people are also having this problem.

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Re: Can't open Origin

Community Manager (retired)

@Rormonger If you right click the setup file and select 'Run with Admin rights', does this help? Also please make sure that your firewall/antivirus is not quarantining any Origin files.


Let us know how you get on!

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Re: Can't open Origin

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I tried clicking that and it still won't work. There's also no problem with the firewall or anything like that, but thanks. Please let me know if there's anything else that might work.

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Re: Can't open Origin

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Yeah, I gave up. (Spent 6 or 7 hours searching and attempting possible solutions.) Just used a different computer.

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Re: Can't open Origin

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Oh then maybe I'll just try it on a mac instead. Thanks!

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Re: Can't open Origin

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I'm having the same issue, after trying the same fixes with no success.  I'm wondering if it's a Windows 10 thing, because it seems I started having this problem after I upgraded.  Although it does occasionally work.  I had to uninstall Origin, delete the exe file, etc., etc.  Nothing works now though.


Does ANYONE have a suggestion?

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