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Battlefield 3 pc wont let me play

by ghoulfication

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Battlefield 3 pc wont let me play

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For some reason  i tried to play this game it tell me i need product key...... but i got this game for free from orgin because of the whole simcity failed to launch the server i played couple of time but it was fine until today



It tell me i need product key after i tried it again for a second time different outcome is i was able to get in but i tried to play online server wont let me in each one.  Next thing happen is i was able to get in the game launch i click on the icon in the tool bar and that it whole game was Blank i could not even exit the game & pressing alt - ctrl - delete did nothing i had to shut of the laptop manually 



can someone help me

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Re: Battlefield 3 pc wont let me play

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Hey there @ghoulfication


So if I understood this right, you've come through rough and tumble to get the game working, now you're stuck in a situation where you open up the game and all you get is a "blank screen" . Is it a black empty screen ?


First of all, let's try simply repairing your installation. Open your Origin, go to My Game Library, right-click Battlefield 3 there, and choose Repair. See if this would simply work.


If not, let's try seeing if the problem is in your configuration files. Hold down Windows key, and press R. This will open up a Run window. Write on that "%USERPROFILE%\Documents\Battlefield 3\settings\" and press OK and it should take you to a folder with a bunch of PROF_SAVE files.


First of all, let's back these files up before doing any changes to them in the case. Left-click the top-most file in the folder, hold down Shift, and click the bottom-most file. This should paint all the files highlighted. Right-click any of the high-lighted files, and choose Copy. Now go in some other directory (Such as your desktop) and right-click any empty space there, and choose Paste. Now we have a copy of these files available.


Check for the file PROF_SAVE_body. Right-click it, choose Properties. If this file's size is 0kb's , it means this file is corrupted. You'd need to get yourself a new file, which should be possible by reinstalling the game if repairing the game didn't replace it.


Now, again, hold Windows key and press R to open up a Run window, write "notepad" on it this time and it will open up a Notepad window. Left-click the "PROF_SAVE_profile" file on the settings folder and hold down your left mouse button, and drag the file inside the Notepad window. This should make a bunch of text appear on the Notepad.


Now, search these two entries (You can either click Edit from the top of the Notepad and click Find, or hold Ctrl and press F to search) from that pile of text, and change the values after them as follows :


  • Modify the entry GstRender.FullscreenEnabled to 0
  • Modify the entry GstRender.FullscreenScreen to 1

Now click from the top File, and Save. Close the Notepad.


Then, next you right-click the PROF_SAVE_profile file, choose Properties. On the window that opens, from the bottom, tag the "Read-only" box, click Apply from the bottom right, and click OK. Try launching the game. With *any* luck your game will launch now. Go to the Video settings in the Options menu. Change the monitor number there to 1. Modify the screen resolution there available to be lower than your screen resolution is. If you don't know what your screen resolution is, you can right-click on your desktop, and choose "Display settings" from there and you should see there what your resolution is. Then turn the Fullscreen to On. Apply changes. With any luck, your game would be working now.


If this doesn't work, please provide us with your DxDiag so it will be easier to debug this issue :


Good luck !


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