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Banned account refunds.

by DundeePaddy

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Banned account refunds.

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So today I received an email regarding a team name on ultimate team. My nephews persona was linked to my account and his team name was in very poor taste and against the guidelines. That team hasn’t been used since December (you could look on your records) and you’ll see that there has been another team used for years longer. My nephew was gifted a ps5 for Christmas, I can guarantee that the last time the inflammatory team was used was 24th of December.


I understand that you will review this situation but at the same time, if you decide NOT to give me my privileges back, how do I get my money back for a product you will no longer let me use? I’ve spent thousands on that account over the years, on multiple games and one persona has ruined it all, because it was a stupid adolescent boy using it.


Could you please advise?


Also, it’s a team name that is suggestive. It’s not concrete material or exploitation like you say. Are you implying that me or my nephew are [Edit - Admin.]?

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Re: Banned account refunds.

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If you actually look, you’ll see that the persona in question was being used by a different gamertag, “TaylorsDundee”. I set up the account for him and did not use it myself. It’s unfair for me to be banned, I’m a loyal and abiding customer.


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Re: Banned account refunds.

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You can dispute any action against your EA account by following the steps in this article:

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Re: Banned account refunds.

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I have went down that route and the turnaround is 2 weeks. Minimum. So I’m banned from every game from EA with my current gamertag that has purchases possibly into the thousands, for two weeks at least and there is a chance I might not get it back. Great stuff.

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