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BF4 Device Hung GTX 780 Ti Ghz edition

by locosutra

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BF4 Device Hung GTX 780 Ti Ghz edition

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Hi all,


First of all, I'm sorry if this is a repeat of other posts.


Second - I am so dissapointed with the device hung error with my card.


I have MSI after burner and the crash happens when the GPU usage spikes to 100.


I have rolled back and reinstalled drivers, altered the clock settings as shown by other forums but to no avail.


This issue only happens in BF4 and no other game that I play.


For this reason I believe the issue is the way that BF4 communicates with the cards driver OR the card is faulty. But how can the card and/or drivers be at fault if I can play other games without even a hint of a problem.


Chatted with an EA rep and all I got was the same dribble "its def the drivers/card not us" Really? Isnt EA getting sued for releasing a game that wasnt finished? Anyway I digress.


Is anyone else having this same issue with the same card? Or does anyone else have the same card without any issues?


All I wanted to do was play BF4 on Ultra and I spent $1000AUD for the priveledge - WITHOUT having to alter settings, reinstall software etc etc. I think $1000 should a better experience than this.






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Re: BF4 Device Hung GTX 780 Ti Ghz edition

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Here is a very informative post on steps to take when seeing the dxgi_error_device_hung error message:

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