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Account Hacked

by Dezachu

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Account Hacked

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Right, so my Origin account has been compromised. I received an email today about 16:45 detailing that my email address has been changed.


Obviously I panicked as I've got Battlefield 3 registered to my account and didn't fancy losing a £40 game I still play with my old friends every so often. I attempted to log into my account with my usual username (Dezachu) and password, and nope. Wouldn't let me in. Tried all my passwords, zilch. Tried Forgot Your Password?, nothing still. (Don't tell me to wait because the servers are playing up, it's clearly been hacked because I know my passwords, just thought I'd do it to ascertain the fact it has been hacked).


I can't ring EA as I have my phone on a credit limit, and EA being the money makers they are.. Well, it costs to phone them (costs more than my minute allowance). I googled for the live chat service, which appears to have vanished. I can't find an email to contact EA on... So here I am.


What can I do, besides waiting 3 weeks to get a phone I can use within which time the account will probably be lost and utilised elsewhere to get my account back?




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Re: Account Hacked

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Update: Found out you have to set country to US to get live chat (nice support you're providing with all that money EA!).


Live Chat isn't online. Standard smile

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