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Re: 32 bit and modern game engines

by Gorath_the_Elder

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32 bit

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The full fifa 15 that will released,
is support in computers that have 32 BIT ?

i think that is not fair for the people that hava 32 bit because we are waiting for the game very much and at the end  we disappointed.

Hope for a positive answer

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Re: 32 bit and modern game engines

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Re: 32 bit and modern game engines

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Re: 32 bit and modern game engines

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I have the same problem and it's very frustrating.  If Origin could just release a 32-bit patch, or a link to the last version compatible with 32-bit systems (along with removal of the auto-update feature because that's where things get screwy for me - I found older versions on the interwebs but as soon as they are installed they update and I get hte same error message as when downloading current version - system requirements not met, and that's the only requirement my system doesn't meet.)


Maybe someone could tell us how to disable the code?  Or do games not let you download unless they are current?


This older PC still works great and it's only used for internet surfing/email checking and to play Sims 2 so the system has more than enough umph to do these things.  I have sims 2,3 & 4 but every now and then it's fun to play the oldies.  I mean, look at pac man and tetris.  People still play old games.

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