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Missing Executable

by DracoNBorne

Original Post

Missing Executable

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Don't comment unless you're going to help, I'm stating that because I've had enough of people responding with irrelevant information.
Once upon a time I accidentally set Dragon Age Origins: Ultimate Edition to "Windows compatibility mode" because I kept * crashing, now I can't * play the game anymore. I managed to uncheck compatibility mode however so I don't know what the * is going on.
When I launch dragon age through steam, I can click on 2 things
1. Play Dragon Age Origins
2. Support information.


1. Leads to the launcher, I press play and it says "An error occurred while updating Dragon Age Origins. (App already running)" HINT: It's * not, I checked processes like a * hawk three times, it's not * running.

2. It says missing executable: C:/Program Files (x86)\Steam1\steamapps\common\Dragon Age Ultimate Edition\"docs
(Maybe that "docs has something to do with it, you tell me)

Before you go saying 
I've done both of these three times already, restarted my computer twice, made an exception in AVG, deleted Dragon Age and reinstalled it, uninstalled Origins, reinstalled Origins, and deleting all files in steam except the .exe, userdata, and steamapps.
Yes, my drivers are ALL up to date.
Dragon Age has been crashing very frequently even before this * if that is any help.
I apologize for my rude remarks but when you pay a lot of money for a game that doesn't work and have been trying to play it to relieve stress, it's pretty * infuriating if it only adds to your stress
Here's my dxdiag because why the * not

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Re: Missing Executable

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You asked for help, here's help.


1. Uninstall the Steam version.

2. Install via EA/Origin.

3. Profit.


Your Saves and (with a very few exceptions) mods (if any) won't be affected and should all work after the reinstall.

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