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Re: [Known issue] Problem with logging into DA Origins servers

by EA_Ataashi

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Re: Dragon Age Origins and PS3- Not connecting to Servers

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The people responding to us are low level customer service types. They probably wouldn’t even get a memo if the company was shutting down. Don’t hold it against them when they say they’re baffled and trying to find out what’s going on. 

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Re: [Known issue] Problem with logging into DA Origins servers

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@Aedan848 I haven't had an issue with the dlc I've downloaded from the "store" on my xbox one.
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Re: Servers Are Still Down 4 Months Later!!!!!!

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@ShySHY62298 EA has stated in the thread here that they are in the process of moving data over to newer servers, so there has been no statement of them being down for good -
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Re: [Known issue] Problem with logging into DA Origins servers

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Hey guys and gals!


FYI, the DAO servers actually don’t serve any purpose besides hosting profile info and screenshots, so you should be able to download and use the extra content without any issues Standard smile If it's not working, then the problem might not be related to the servers.


Now some important news...


I'm afraid I'll have to close this thread, because of its current state. I'm sorry for not having any further updates for a very long time, but you have to remember about our forum rules while continuing to discuss the issue here. Most importantly:


  • Keep it on-topicIf someone created a thread, it's because they're looking for an answer to their question or want to discuss a specific topic. Changing the topic of the thread isn't helpful.
  • Don't post petition and boycottsPetitions and boycott discussions do not contribute to a useful and productive forum.
  • Don't chat about moderationOur moderators are here to keep this place happy and helpful for everyone. Discussing the way they do things is not okay.

You will find full Answers HQ rules and guidelines here.


You're more than welcome to open a new thread if you'd still like to have a discussion about this on AHQ, but always have our rules in mind. Otherwise, I will still post any relevant updates in this thread.



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What a joke.

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So i bought the DLC for Dragon Age: Origins on Xbox One and it wont let me play because the servers are not working. When I talked with chat about it they said sorry enjoy these codes for Origin Access. I said im on Xbox those wont work for me and they insisted they will.... They Dont lol. So not only did I pay $50 for DLC I cant currently use, they slapped me in the face with a F you and have a nice day.

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