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Failed to detect a supported video card?

by Jaukoehai

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Failed to detect a supported video card?

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Okay, so, recently, every time I open Dragon Age: Origins and hit the play button, it'll start up, but then after a fraction of a second, it will say "Failed to detect a supported video card" and force me to quit. This irks me no end, since it was working not two hours ago! And my other games seem to be working just fine! So, my question is basically, what gives? And how do I fix it?

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Re: Failed to detect a supported video card?

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Hey there @Jaukoehai


Have you done any changes to your resolution by any chance ?


I don't have DAO on me at hand right at this moment but if I remember correctly, somewhere in the game's installation folder is a file DAOriginsConfig.exe , I believe for Steam installation at least it was in the bin_ship folder. If you launch that, under the option for "Video" there should be an option "Play in fullscreen" or something to that effect. Try unticking that and see if there is any change ? It could also be that the resolution there is set incorrectly and it tries to give you a resolution that goes out-of-bounds.

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Re: Failed to detect a supported video card?

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No, I made no changes at all. I was playing the game, I turned it off to go get lunch, came back, and the game didn't work.


Only now, it is working. But there's another issue: it periodically crashes for no apparent reason. I'm running no mods, BTW.

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Re: Failed to detect a supported video card?

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dxdiag file? (or at least tech specs?)

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