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Denerim Crash- 4GB Hack not working.

by musicfeedsmysoul

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Denerim Crash- 4GB Hack not working.

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Hello, so literally just today my game started just not launching at unless I had the 4 GB hack removed from my game. But I continuously crash in Denerim still. I do have IA installed but even without it before Denerim was unplayable until I had the hack installed. I have no clue why this is happening and it's actually really upsetting cause I wanted to do a few playthroughs with Origins. Even when I have the graphics low in the hopes of having it work out, Denerim is horrific because of glitching textures and the Wonders of Thedas is basically a black hole with a few things I can click on.

 Any help? 

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Re: Denerim Crash- 4GB Hack not working.


Dragon Age Origins can get very crashy on modern hardware. I have my fingers crossed for a remaster that fixes these issues.


One way to possibly limit the number of crashes is to set the CPU affinity to 1 core. This comes with the downside of reduced performance.

I don't work for EA.

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