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Big troubles with Dragon Age Origins Ultimate Edition (Origin)

by KodeirPSN

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Big troubles with Dragon Age Origins Ultimate Edition (Origin)

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Hi all! This gonna be a biiiiig post!


Recently I bought a Dragon Age Origins Ultimate Edition (activated codes throug Origin - one for the game, second for Feastday DLC, as I remember). As I understand, Origin should be able to download all DLC, but they are not on the list: when I start Origin, click on game, here is the list:

  • Dragon Age Origins Ultimate Edition - download
  • Dragon Age Origins Awakening - no button
  • Return to Ostagar - download
  • Warden's Keep - download
  • Warden's Keep - download (exactly! two times in a list)
  • Feastday gifts - download
  • Feastday pranks - download

... and that's all. OK, I go and install the game. First it downloads first the original game for about 17GB. After that, it downloads Awakening, then other dlc from the list above. I start the game, log in to server, go to DLC menu, and see there:

  • Warden's Keep
  • Stone Prisoner
  • Awakening
  • Ostagar
  • Feastday G/P

They are switched on. 'Available content' and 'Downloaded' tabs ... are grey and inactive! great... So the game misses DLC witch hunt, golems, leliana song, darkspawn chronicles. 


Then I registered my code on and saw that there are at lest song of leliana, but hunt was missing. OK, I go to chat with EA support, and first advisor recomennded to repair the game first, it didn't help. Then he changed the code for my game, that didn't help too. Then he said that Clean Boot is requiered. OK, I did what he said, restarted pc, and the same result.


Well, I though what the hell and uninstall DAO, Origin, and made a clean with CCleaner. Then install all over again. Didn't help.

I went to, unregistered the first code, activated the new one... and... aaaaand... all my activated dlc for PC AND PS3 version of DAO Ultimate were gone! (yes, I have a PS3 version too, bought and activated a long time ago). Holy...


Went to chat again. The second advisor checked all codes, they are OK. I'll add DLC manually he said - and than chat became inactive... my god. I started the third chat and waited for another 30 mins.


The third advisor said that he replaced all DLC in my accounts and that they are 100% on my account now. Guess what? Nothing changed. He advised to reinstall the game... well... I did that... aaaaaand nothing changed. ARGH


I noticed that c:\Users\Rowan\Documents\BioWare\Dragon Age\Settings\addIns.xml has RequiresAuthorization="0", I changed it to RequiresAuthorization="1" as written here. Didn't help as well.


In c:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\Dragon Age\addins\ I have six folders, so missing DLCs are really not downloaded.


I even downloaded 1.05 patch from BioWare, but it only ruined the game, so I wasted a bit time for reparing it.


I read about DAUpdaterSVC.Service.exe - but guess what - there's no such file in c:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\Dragon Age\bin_ship\


So... what the hell is going on? Any ideas how to fix this? Why 'available content' tab is not active? Why Origin doesn't show me other DLCs while they are activated on my acc? Why all DLCs for DAO are gone from my social page?


ps I'm a bit tired to chat with support. They are doing there best, but nothing changed in the end. I will call them only on Monday (because in my country they don't work on weekend...), and do not want to chat for now. So please help me with this nightmare.

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Re: Big troubles with Dragon Age Origins Ultimate Edition (Origin)

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I called Finnish customer service and within a few minutes the nice guy over there had fixed the issue.


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Re: Big troubles with Dragon Age Origins Ultimate Edition (Origin)

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Started a new game. Created a screeanshot, tried to upload it... and got an error that there's no access to online storage and mayne there's something wrong with my account.

Great. Just great. But maybe this is the source of the problem. But what is wrong with my account?

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Re: Big troubles with Dragon Age Origins Ultimate Edition (Origin)

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Found a few same problems:


It seems that there is a problem with all that Keep stuff going on. Still I wonder if someone dealt with that problem.


Another one: I didn't have that file too, but the service itself is in services.msc - it just coudln't run because file is missing.


So I think there are two problems - 1) install package is broken; 2) networ issues because of Keep etc.

Will chat/call to support tomorrow and will try to get some answer.

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Re: Big troubles with Dragon Age Origins Ultimate Edition (Origin)

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So I had a new chat today. Did the same steps, and bugs are still present - game misses DLC, ingame tabs are inactive, DAUpdaterSVC.Service.exe is missing while the service is installed, has no DAO content.

Support said that my problems were adressed to some specialists and they will contanct me... sometime... I hope so.

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Re: Big troubles with Dragon Age Origins Ultimate Edition (Origin)

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As I wrote in the other topic: 


So, I went and redownloaded the game and, it's like I said. They changed the installer to the "Origin" version. Removed launcher, incorporated automatic patches etc. What they also did is they disabled the ability to download the DLCs through the game. For the DLC to work now, you have to instal them through Origin. Then, they'll work. Problem is, not all DLC are on Origin as of now. The installer package is not broken per se (well it misses PsychX instalation, so you'll have to install that one manually from nVidas website), it's kinda improved. Problem is, Origin is behind. So the obvious solution is to wait till they put all of the DLC on Origin.


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Re: Big troubles with Dragon Age Origins Ultimate Edition (Origin)

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Anything new?

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Re: Big troubles with Dragon Age Origins Ultimate Edition (Origin)

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Same problem here.


I've been told that the solution is to download the DLC from bioware's page.


Before that I tried entering my product code in origin. It appeared to work; the missing DLCs downloaded. Then I started the game and was greeted with a error message telling me to reinstall the game. Of course that requires redownloading the entire game.


It is doing that now. I am not optimistic that the problem will not return.


My message to EA: It is obvious you cannot get Origin to work properly. So quit it. Use Steam like every other company. Oh I know, you're EA so you are too big for steam is that it?


I am more than frustrated right now.


Edit: After reinstalling everything seems to work now. All my DLC's  show up.

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Re: Big troubles with Dragon Age Origins Ultimate Edition (Origin)

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Checking in to say that I have this problem too. Just in case greater numbers demand more immediate attention.

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Re: Big troubles with Dragon Age Origins Ultimate Edition (Origin)

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Same problem here. I have the Ultimate Edition an only have the following DLCs available in the Origin Client:


  • Feastday Pranks
  • Feastday Gifts
  • Warden's Keep
  • The Stone Prisoner
  • Dragon Age: Origins Promotional Pack
  • Return to Ostagar


Main DLCs missing (campaigns):

  • Witch Hunt  
  • The Darkspawn Chronicles  
  • The Golems of Amgarrak  
  • Leliana's Song   


Extra DLCs missing (items*/quests**):

  • Witchcraft* (for Origins) 
  • Witchcraft* (for Awakening) 
  • Golem's Might** (for Origins) 
  • Golem's Might** (for Awakening)  
  • Blightblood* (for Origins) 
  • Blightblood* (for Awakening) 
  • Battledress of the Provocateur* (for Origins)
  • Battledress of the Provocateur* (for Awakening) 
  • Blood Dragon Armor* 


I solved the problem by following the instructions from the Dragon Age Wikia ("Manual installation"). You'll have to download the required DLC files and install them with the Dragon Age Content Updater Tool (Dragon Age\bin_ship\daupdater.exe).


Note to EA/Origin customers service: Your customers shouldn't have to go through all this trouble

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Re: Big troubles with Dragon Age Origins Ultimate Edition (Origin)

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Is anyone working on this? I have the same issue.

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