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"Lateral Thinker" achievement not unlocking

by N7_A_M_R_Egypt

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"Lateral Thinker" achievement not unlocking

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PC - Origin


This achievement Trespasser dlc: loot 4 boxes guarded with wolf statues, I did it in 2 different play-through (checked my inventory to make sure I looted all 4 boxes) and still it didn't unlock for me.

I have completed 63/69 achievements and so far this is the only one that got bugged for me, in fact this is the first achievement of all my 662 Origin achievements completed to bug on me and not unlock where it should have.


I know it is 5 years old game and this is a community helping community forums but I thought I would ask maybe someone had the same happened with them and got it fixed somehow.

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Re: "Lateral Thinker" achievement not unlocking

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I thought I had this issue, but I really just forgot to loot the first one. When the floor opens up many people forget to loot that one. I thought it was looted and still when I went back to check it hadn't been.

It might be that it reverts back to before it was looted, because I definitely got it after I went back a second time. I know several people who had the same issue. Maybe looting it before the floor opens all the way is the problem?
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Re: "Lateral Thinker" achievement not unlocking

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I thought about this so i replayed the dlc and looted that first box after I was done down stairs... when I looted the 4th box I checked my inventory to make sure I have all 4 weapons and still the achievement didn't pop.


I have been trying many things for almost 2 weeks now and I'm running out of ideas

I might as well try and find a player who got the achievement to upload their saves folder so I can replay it again and who knows.

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Re: "Lateral Thinker" achievement not unlocking

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Take a look here

The achievements are bugged. I also had problem with them. One of the solutions for PC was to cut "ProfileOptions_profile" and "ProfileOptions" files from saves directory.

It helped in my case.


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Re: "Lateral Thinker" achievement not unlocking

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@Kso_zZz  I saw that thread and tried it with no luck... that is why I was looking (still is) for some who did the achievement to give me their save folder (that also includes those 2 files).


I deleted the game after I didn't find any thing else to do to fix the issue, but I will get back to it later if I could find what I want.

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Re: "Lateral Thinker" achievement not unlocking

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