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painfully slow loading, rig meets requirements

by 566768845345

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painfully slow loading, rig meets requirements

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As title suggests, my rig meets the requirements, but CPU shoots up to 100% before even getting to the Bioware splash screen and grinds to an bootable halt. Below are the results from my dxdiag run.


I'm currently running:


windows 7 SP1

i5 4460

8 GB ram

R9 280X

cooler master EVO 212

Corsair TX650

1 TB free HDD


What seems to be the issue is that I recently upgradded from a G3420 (dual core) and a 260x  with a 430X PSU. With that setup I managed to get the game running with the help of an injector and the game ran OK all things considered. I didn't measure the FPS, but on the title screen, i had to be getting at least 25-30 since the marching was quite fluid. I managed to get about 15 mins into the game up to and after the first fight where every 10 seconds or so, the game would freeze and after a couple seconds, resume. I figured if I was getting these results with a rig that was way below the requirements, I would get better FPS' with a better CPU, GPU, and PSU. After upgrading and installing the new drivers for the CPU, uninstalling the old drivers for the 260x, and then installing a fresh set for the 280x, I'm actually experiencing worse results. Upon starting the game, my CPU shoots up to 100%, the first loading screen with the blinking/flashing DAI icon in the bottom right hand screen grinds to a very slow blink, (can't call it that since it slowly changes shades) then the Bioware splash screen appears very very slowly with distorted thunder that the first few sounds just loop and repeat. (almost sounds like an ultrasound would sound when listening to a tiny heartbeat)


This takes a little more than 5 mins to get to this point at which I shut ctrl+alt+del out.


I thought it was a sounds driver, and I did need an update, which I did, but still get the same grind. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance,

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