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locked door in upper crypts of Din'an Hanin

by superag1

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locked door in upper crypts of Din'an Hanin

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There appears to be a locked door I cannot get to in the upper crypts of this dungeon.   It is in the western side of the upper crypts, due north of the Solas artifact.   In game play, it looks like I am standing right on it, but there is nothing there.   Is this just a glitch?   I have seen the door on a couple of walk-through maps, and the locked door symbol shows in game play,   but I sweat I can't find this dang door.


Anyone know what the deal is?   Thanks!

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Re: locked door in upper crypts of Din'an Hanin

★★★★ Novice


There’s a solution here for anyone coming to this question years later haha.

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