bug dorians amulet of power

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bug dorians amulet of power

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why was all the amulet of powers for dorian mage on dragon age inquisition removed every charater has 2 amulets of power. varric has 2 iron bull has 2 cassandra has 2 solas has a garanteed one at the beginning of the game in hinterlands and cole and vivienne have granteed ones so why is it that dorian only had 1 and it is locked behind a story path that no one uses if i want to use a mage i cant becuase you cant get dorians amulet of power unless you side with the qun witch no one does


just put dorians amulet of power back on the boss in griffons keep marcilus or whatever his name is

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Re: bug dorians amulet of power

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I would argue that a lot of people actually decided to keep the alliance with the Qunari because they look like a pretty formidable allies against the Venatori. Wink


Be that as it may, the game has not had any updates or patches in about 8 years, there is about zero change that there will be future updates reversing the Patch 5 removal of the Amulets of Power.

If you deem the amulets as this important, there are two other mages who both got 2 of them, Solas and Vivienne. 




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