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Re: X1: ALL characters and save data gone

by ProfessorSpankIt

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X1: ALL characters and save data gone

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I moved my Xbox One into the other room and now ALL of my save data is gone.

1. Console was not turned on, but system set to Instant On where it saves your game state.
2. Unplugged it and moved it into a spare bedroom.
3. Started up the game and hit with the licensing agreement, and "load" option was greyed out.
4. All local saves and cloud storage detected by the xbox but NOT by the game.

So I tried many different things in failed attempts to resolve this. I tried re-re-installing the game, re-installing my profile, even factory resetting my system and then re-syncing the saves from the cloud. Nope. All characters...100+ hrs...gone.

This is the same bug that is currently affecting WWE 2K15. Your save data is NOT safe if you use the systems game suspend feature and never fully power down the console.

The way that this game chooses to manage a game state and synced data is absolutely abysmal. The fact that It's not a single corrupted save file or character is proof of that. This is not a Microsoft's an EA/Bioware issue! And it needs to be patched A.S.A.P.
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Re: X1: ALL characters and save data gone

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★★★ Apprentice

Never trust cloud save`s..Never.

Tryout contacting support.


P.S In my PC i can use local saving. So all my saves are secure. Can you enable that in xbox? Use that. It`s a better choice in big games like DAI

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Re: X1: ALL characters and save data gone

Xbox One uses both local and cloud saves.

The issue is that the game is failing to recognize the existing saves, period. It probably has to do with a corrupted "general" save stores all of the games settings and list of character save files. Since that file would be corrupted, the game then fails to recognize any of the character save files.

Similar to Mass Effect 2 & 3, I'm betting that the "general" save file is randomly named & generated the first time you play the game. Therefore all character save files must match up perfectly with that particular file or they won't load.
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Re: X1: ALL characters and save data gone

★★★ Apprentice

Well i can`t help you with that. I don`t play on xbox.

Cloud on pc are a bit buggy too,. So I disabled it and using locals. Works like a clock. MY advice is on what to use in future. And you need to recover old ones, right? like i said your best bet is EA support. Ask them , maybe they have them in loggs before corruption. It`s only you can do without starting all over again.

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Re: X1: ALL characters and save data gone

Just spoke with Microsoft and rhey confirmed it's not an issue with the console.

They said that most game save data has a specific file that is tied to the Profile of the user. It typically contains the saved game settings & options, as well as a list of the individual save files. In most games, this file is static and created the first time you run a game and change options or something. But in the case of DAI and many others, sometimes the file is first generated randomly with random numeric values. Not only are they then tied to a specific profile, but also a specific profile state (random numeric value).

So when that files becomes corrupted, the game generates an entirely new file with different values. Therefore, the original individual save files will no longer work because they are tied to an older profile state numeric file that no longer matches.

It makes sense because back on the Xbox 360 we could see these differences in some games when editing saves via Horizon or something. That's also how ME2 & ME3 were.

Supposedly, it's the same setup on PS4 & PC, which explains why people keep losing save data. On PC, that's an easy fix, but X1 & PS4 users have no method of reassigning save data. Bioware needs to patch how the game recognizes character save data.
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Re: X1: ALL characters and save data gone

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Bump, since this is now affecting PS3 & PS4 players.
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Re: X1: ALL characters and save data gone

Bioware, please respond.

Those of us affected by this keep having it happen. Our options/settings also keep getting reset and we're asked to agree to the licensing agreement each time we start the game.

Beginning to suspect that this is an issue with save data stored via Origin
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Re: X1: ALL characters and save data gone

Bump again, damnit.
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Re: X1: ALL characters and save data gone

★ Apprentice

Bumping and representing because I know those feels.


I play PC, but the mere thought of losing up to hundreds of hours of gametime because my console burped is making me shivver me timbers in sympathy, hat off for any xbros or Sony comrades that have weathered such storms and not broken out into cursing worthy of a salty dog.

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Re: X1: ALL characters and save data gone


EA/Bioware, this problem still persists and is growing.

To add to the list of problems, users affected by lost saves are also:
- No longer having any "Milestone" saves created
- Not having the option to "Continue" from the main menu
- Not having any settings saved and hit with the User Agreement every time the game is started
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