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Way to long loading times

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I have very long loading times, when i start the game it takes like 3-5min only to get to the Starting screen. Then i go into Multiplayer and that loading screen also takes 3-5min to load. Then joining my friend also has a loading screen which takes 3-5min to load and at the end it just doesnt connect and download something forever. Then doing a lobby and getting my friend in is fine but then starting the game that loading screen takes another 3-5min. Is there any way to fix this its really annoying i just bought the game and i want to play it. Also my PC is easy capable of handling the game and i tried it both on an SSD and HDD. I also noticed that my FPS drop from 200 to between 5-15 in the loading screen which i think is the problem here.

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Re: Way to long loading times

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It helped me to start the game as an administrator. Before that, the maps were loaded over 2 minutes, now within 15 seconds. Have you tried searching on this forum?
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Re: Way to long loading times

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I have had issues with load times in this game before and have identified several major triggers for long load times:


  1. The biggest one is having Origin in-game disabled. This will cause a several minute black screen before making it to the main menu. Make sure Origin in-game is enabled. (This has the opposite effect on other games.)
  2. Playing while connected to the internet and having data sharing enabled will increase load times. (Because it's uploading your character to the DA Keep.)
  3. Playing in the Mantle API can result in extremely long load times. DirectX loads faster and has better compatibility.

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Re: Way to long loading times


@Inside121 Have any of my suggestions been helpful?

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Re: Way to long loading times

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I was having the same issues but fixed them by using Run as administrator when you open Origin, and then Run as administrator when launching Dragon Age: Inquisition. My game now loads in 10-15 seconds instead taking several minutes.

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