Unable to join game in multiplayer

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Unable to join game in multiplayer

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My friends and I have been playing DAI multiplayer for a while and now can't get in. I've managed to join a random game in "quick match" so I know the servers are working... but when my friends and I try to join each other's games we get hit with "there was an error joining this game. Please try again later". We've all tried repairing our games, too, but the problem persists.

Anyone else experiencing this? Any advice?

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Re: Unable to join game in multiplayer

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Apologies I know folks wanted an answer in the replies, but this is also happening to us and my friends on Steam.  We can join public games and host public games, but cannot join our private games.  Same exact error as well that you reported.  Is there a way to link the thread to a support ticket or something to get more traction on this?

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