Troubleshooting steps for Steam users

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Troubleshooting steps for Steam users

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Hi guys!

We've found that some players coming to DAI on Steam may be encountering issues on startup, and we wanted to put together some steps which have helped folks. 

Please bear in mind for other common issues we have a large Community Troubleshooting thread here. If you have no luck with finding a fix, there's a small guide on how to best ask a question here

1. We've seen some conflicts with Antivirus software, most commonly Avast & AVG. You can try temporarily disabling your service as a test, and see if this has an impact. If it does, you can add the game as an exception for that AV software. 
Sample threads that might provide some helpful context: 1, 2, 3, 4.


2: If you had the game previously installed on Origin, uninstall it before installing on Steam. If you had mods installed, please also remove these

3. As standard troubleshooting, be sure to update your video card drivers when you start a new game. We have on some occasions seen compatibility issues with Razer and Steelseries software, so be on the look out for any error messages. 


4: We have seen folks disabling Origin's In Game Overlay. This can temporarily help, but may lead to issues down the line. Instead, can you try disabling any other programs with active overlays as a test? A Clean Boot may help with this. 


Some other Miscellaneous fixes mentioned have been

  • Run the game in compatibilitymode
  • Disable SLI
  • Disable any accelleration software
  • Uninstall Nvidia 3D vision

If these steps don't help, be sure to check out the existing stickes and posts, and don't be afraid to ask if you can't find an existing question that matches your issue. 


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