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Re: Travel to Hinterlands crashes PS3

by Billiekillgrim

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Travel to Hinterlands crashes PS3

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I've seen this issue posted before but still have not find any solution. Everytime i try to travel to the hinterlands, my game crashes the ps3 at the loading screen and I usually have to do a hard reboot. It doesn't matter if it's from the war table or map, same result and only going to the hinterlands. Does it across all save files and characters, even tried starting a new game.

I've deleted all the game data and reinstalled twice. It's been doing this since patch 5, and I kept hoping the next patch would fix the issue, but seems like nothing's being done about it? Any suggestions at all would be awesome. As much as i love the DA series, i am not about to spend another 60 to get it on another system so that it actually works. :/

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Re: Travel to Hinterlands crashes PS3

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Bump. I can't be the only one with this issue. Tried contacting ea support and no answer. :/
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