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Skyhold research table crash

by Martijn1234

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Skyhold research table crash

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is there anyway to fix or patch file? the crashing to desktop for having this problem? i have been reading about stuff when u use cheat table the game crashed when u have 99 items and more or something well i sold ever crafting materials i had then didnt use the cheat engine but game still crashes to desktop

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Re: Skyhold research table crash

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Load your save, re-inject the c-h table again and disable it correctly (tick the box, wait, untick the box again) , after make a new save with the c-h table disabled. I think you injected a c-h table that put infiny item and closed the game without removing the table correctly and this have keep a infini loop bug into your data game save file. So its going to corrupt your save file. You can use mod in the 1 and 2 but the inquisition i strongly not recommand using any mod or C-H.. I think the table u used have a eject code if you untick the box you used.

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