Re: Repeating Party Banter

by Luzarius

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Repeating Party Banter

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Ontop of the issue of party banter still being pretty rare, I've run into the issue of repeating party banter now.


So far Dorian/Varric have repeated the banter about 'odds on the Inquisitor' about 3 times and Cole/Bull have talked about why he's named Iron Bull at least twice now.

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Re: Repeating Party Banter

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The same party banter should never be repeated, why would they allow this mistake to happen?

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Re: Repeating Party Banter

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The same banter repeated like 5 times with me right now. I closed the game and will open again to see if it stops.

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Re: Repeating Party Banter

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2023 and this is still happening. Every time I have Varric and Dorian in the party its always the 'odds on the Inquisitor' conversation. No other conversations just this one. Anyone have a fix? 

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