Please update the game

by Darkitty5

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Please update the game

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Very disappointed years later noticed dlc isn't showing up to buy, I guess was removed so means no longer being updated, when I say updated I mean bug fixes.


I got this game when it 1st came out and never made it my way though the game, decided to give it other go since I enjoyed it last time, I don't know if its because of it being in the EA app why the game is total crap now or what, when I mean crap when you have to spam the "F" key (F is for F U player) to be able to touch stuff like ladders and books (will post a file for the book in the air had to jump to get it) and plants underground you cant pick up.... 


When fighting my game likes to stop lot like mid fight like I'm using the dumb time stop thing but no I'm not it messes me up lot in fighting.


Character dialogue likes to cut out as well.


I get it the game is finish doesn't mean the software will not brake anyhow fix game for everyone please. 

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