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Re: Patch 11 to fix DA:I Trespasser Bugs?

by Belladoni

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Re: Patch 11 to fix DA:I Trespasser Bugs?

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Concerning the Persistent Mark of the Inquisitor:


Until a patch is released, I figured out a work around. I lost several hours of progression on my character, but I fixed the game. I went back to an old save. It is important to choose a save before you started ticking trials boxes in options. When you tick any of the trials it bugs out the game and creates the persistent mark of the inquisitor whether that character has done the Trespasser DLC yet or not. Loading a save prior to ticking the trials boxes removed the bug/glitch entirely. Until there is a patch to fix the bugs in the new trials part of the game, this is what we can do. Avoid the Trials entirely. Do not even touch them with a ten foot pole.

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Re: Patch 11 to fix DA:I Trespasser Bugs?

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Bugs I've experienced so far:



Wrong Audio Prompt/Dialog (Cassandra vis-a-vis marrying wrong romantic partner, the NPC reporting Gaspard as on the throne)



Invalid Dialog (Cassandra wanted to talk to me about getting potentially getting married when it was a fait accompli)


(Possibly not a bug) Before going through the Eluvian for the Darvaarad, none of the companions were in the the winter palace gardens.  Didn't appear on the map, didn't appear in person.  



I've had a failure to load the standard textures for my inquisitor -- for about an hour, I was running around as a hovering weapon, unless I was in stealth or poisoned (which looked normal).  


In the final battle of DA:I with Corypheus, several errors:  During the cut scene when Corypheus summons the dragon, during his dialog the dragon  was just hanging out in the background.  And then when the cut scene changed to watching it (the dragon) fly to the battle, there was no dragon to watch (as it was already there). During the Dragon v Dragon cut-scenes, Corypheus's was only in about half the scenes, which made some of them rather surreal. 


Other model/texture loading issues:  Since installing Trespasser, I've had Skyhold half-load.  The buildings are there, some of the (including  the merchants), but half the inner circle is missing -- on the mini map, but not there physically.  Reloading the game eventually fixes this.  


There's something wrong with some of the damage output of some of the Trespasser mobs.  Around a quarter of the time when I load the game, they some do ridiculous amounts of damage (for instance, Qunari Shock Troopers one-shot killing everyone they hit regardless of guards and/or barriers).  If I reload the same save game, damage output returns to normal.  




During the battle in the Shrine to the Dread Wolf, presumably when the Saarath is supposed to flee, the game crashes.  At about 1/4 health, the mob teleports back to its spawn point, at full health.  The camera zooms in on him (No HUD), and the game hangs and becomes unresponsive (some lighting effects are still being processed, shadows/highlights change).    I have to kill the application and restart (PS4).  I've tried reloading old saves as far back as the last scene in the Winter Palace, and the game freezes at the same point every time.

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Re: Patch 11 to fix DA:I Trespasser Bugs?

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I play on Xbox One.  I bought Descent and Trespasser at the same time.  Started playing Descent first and everything was fine until I got to the lowest level of the Deep Roads.  Do you think bugs in Trespasser caused it?  If so, would uninstalling Trespasser at least allow me to finish the Descent dlc?

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Re: Patch 11 to fix DA:I Trespasser Bugs?

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I've had the same issue with the game consistently freezing at the cut scene where Saarath's health is at about 1/4. I haven't had a chance to try it yet, but it would seem that some people who have experienced this issue have been able to circumvent the issue by avoiding use of the tactical camera at all costs during that battle...which is bad news for me, as I've become pretty dependent on it. Frown

Good luck!

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Re: Patch 11 to fix DA:I Trespasser Bugs?

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Should have mentioned; platform is PS4.


I found a work around to the crash when facing the Saarath; it only crashes if I am in the tactical combatm mode.  If I am in the typical 3rd person mode, the load is slow, but eventually works.


The same crash happens later when facing the Saarath again, and one other time in the very end game.  Same work around worked -- just not being in tactical combat at the point it would otherwise crash.




Other Minor Bugs, related to the Golden Nug:


The Nug Mounts from merchant in the upper levels of Val Royeaux do not sync.  Other mounts items.  


New games will still find second instances of synced recipies, schematics, or similar.  Which ends up listing the items twice in my inventory.


It is unclear if The Skins That ___ Schematics are supposed to trigger the set item bonus with the rest The Taken Shape set items.  (They didn't for me.)


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Re: Patch 11 to fix DA:I Trespasser Bugs?

[ Edited ]
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I'm having a huge problem with trespasser on PC. Tried repairing the game, restarting my computer, and then loading the last save i made before the deep roads. No problems with the dlc until i went back into the deep roads. Then I can't seem to interact with anything, and when I can, it jumps me back over and is very glitchy about it. It's making the dlc almost completely unplayable. The conversation with the defector also takes an insane amount of time.

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Re: Patch 11 to fix DA:I Trespasser Bugs?

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i have the same problem when fighting against saarath.. the game crashes when he is down to about 1/3 or 1/4 of his health.. i play on PC tough..

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Re: Patch 11 to fix DA:I Trespasser Bugs?

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I play on the PC and I freeze after entering the eluvian ( follow the blood trail) I take two steps before it just freezes. I've tried repairing the game, still the same issue. I tried the Alt Enter tactic with out avail.
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Re: Patch 11 to fix DA:I Trespasser Bugs?

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If on PC, if you have mods, remove them and restore Patch 10 vanilla.  Even remove the merged.  Helped me some.


Also, some people recommend disabling any warriors with the Lunge-and-Slash ability in the Tactics.

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Re: Patch 11 to fix DA:I Trespasser Bugs?

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As it's January 2018 and I am having most if not all of the same issues I will assume they are never going to be fixed.


There is also a bug with that three wheel puzzle thing near the end of the game.  I can only stop turning the wheel if I drop a veil fire torch nearby and pick it up.  Worse, though, the door mechanism either doesn't move at all, or stops moving after the first wheel turn.  I've played the game four times now and cannot get past this point.  Extremely disappointed and doubt I'll be buying DA:4 even if it does get made (which seems unlikely).

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