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[PC] [Patch 11] No error crash on startup.

by uSnSheaffey

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[PC] [Patch 11] No error crash on startup.

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Ever since I downloaded the new patch and bought Trespasser, my will not launch. When I launch DA:I, a windowed screen of the game launches, flashes to fullscreen and back and forth a few times until the inquisition symbol freezes, followed immediately after by the window closing; no errors or anything, it just closes. I have tried a heap of things from repairing the game, deleting and re-downloading the latest patch, restoring the old patch, deleting the save folder, starting the game in windowed mode etc. I have repaired/reinstalled all of the redist packages in the install directory as well. 


This is driving me crazy!


Anyway, Dxdiag:




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Re: [PC] [Patch 11] No error crash on startup.

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Bump Frown



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Re: [PC] [Patch 11] No error crash on startup.

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If on PC, try removing all mods, including any "Merge" folders.

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Re: [PC] [Patch 11] No error crash on startup.

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Things to consider doing:


a.  Delete any "merge" folder AND  the current "Patch" folder, then from the EA/Origin main screen choose "Repair" to reinstall the current patch.


b.  Wait a week-or-so for the next patch (rumored to be coming out before the GOTY Edition release) then proceed with step a., above.


[EDIT:  And to prevent any confusion, the current patch is "Patch 10", which results (on the PC) in game version  There was a hotfix between patches 2 and 3 that incremented the version, but didn't get an official Patch designation.]

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