Old sound issue returns

by NightfallRob

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Old sound issue returns

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So suddenly, and for the first time in the roughly 6 years I've been playing Dragon Age Inquisition off and on, I've got the bug that mutes the sound on character dialogue. The only thread I saw about this here was closed out by the mods in order to avoid having it necroed. Unfortunately, it didn't have any solutions to the problem. Has anyone found any?

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Re: Old sound issue returns

I thought that most occurrences of this were traced to the type of speaker options set either in game or on your system.  Meaning choosing surround sound 5.1 but instead using headphones, or some such.  The reason being that the game tries to use the "front" speaker which isn't present and thus "mutes" dialog.  Now me and thinking sometimes causes trouble, but you may try playing with your settings both in game and in your system settings and see if anything works.

I am NOT an EA employee, I am just a simple gamer like most everyone else here volunteering my help to those who may can use it .....That means I have to pay for my games just like you, lol.
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