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My Hawk won't come thru to Inquisition??

by edtheaminal

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My Hawk won't come thru to Inquisition??

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My Hawk is FEMALE not male and Even though my tapestry says it is female all it ever goes is to male which I am NOT the least bit interested in.  Even if I use the custom to make my character Hawk ( from Dragon age 2) into what My Hawk looked like the voice etc will NOT be correct!  How do I fix this. I cannot do this Twitter because I've NO desire to have a Twitter account whatsoever and until I get this resolved I'm sort of stuck in the game till I can get this Hawk mess cleared up! Please someone help me out hare   Thank you ever so much.  Ed

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Re: My Hawk won't come thru to Inquisition??


My guess if you didn't export the latest version of your DA Keep tapestry. To fix this, make sure the latest version is exported, then start a new game.

I don't work for EA.

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Re: My Hawk won't come thru to Inquisition??

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I did everything from the start including the most up to date at the time tapestry.  I have over 85 hours of playtime invested and the best I can get is start a new game.  My daughter convinced me to give this a go and I'm sorry I did!  All I want is a FEMALE hawk ( VOICE INCLUDED) is there no way to achieve that? And Without starting a new game!

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