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Re: Lost Two Saved Games in One Day PS4

by Kso_zZz

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Lost Two Saved Games in One Day PS4

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I have been playing DA for about a week now. This morning we had a power outage for about 20 mins. When I came back on to start where I left off it crashes again with an error (not the first error. This game has been erroring out on me a handful of times) So I restart  the game to pick back up where it crashed on me & it prompted me to accept the terms & conditions again like it was my first play thru. I had no options to go to  my saved content. 


So I started my game brand new. Made different choices...Completed all but 2 Hinterlands quests come out of the dwarven city behind the waterfall where you get Blackwall as a companion & crashes again with an error...Lost all my data again....I wish there was someway to restore what I've lost, but I know that's  not possible. 


It's frustrating. I really love this game...but do I love it that much to speed play thru the beginning sections again?

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Re: Lost Two Saved Games in One Day PS4

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How did you lose all your data? You never saved the game at all?

1) I believe you can restore saves if cloud synch was enabled.

2) Enter a game and press F9 (load a quick save).

2) You can try to find a desired save file on internet, just change the looks of the character later when Black Emporium will be accessible.

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