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Re: Lost All Sound

by Ragidonne

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Lost All Sound

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I have the game for PS3 and now no audio will work. It's completed silent. I've tried quitting and reloading, turning off the system. Nothing seems to work. I've even messed with the audio options changing them to home theater, TV, or headphones and nothing works. How do I fix this issue? Thanks

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Re: Lost All Sound

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I've lost sound sometimes before when I would open the wheel and then close it without taking any action. To fix it I would open the wheel back up and drink a potion. Try opening the wheel and drinking a potion? Mybe that will help.

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Re: Lost All Sound

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I play it on PC and I also lost all game sound once when playing multiplayer. I could still hear my team mates talking via their mics just everything else was silent. I managed to get the sound back by going into audio settings and changing it from headphones to something else like home theater then clicking back to apply settings, sound would come back then I just selected headphones again. So it doesn't just seem to be a PS3 issue, strange that rebooting the PS3 doesn't fix it though.

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