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Lost 2 months worth of Local Saves

by deiiimonis

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Lost 2 months worth of Local Saves

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I restarted my computer after playing DAI for a few hours, and when I got back on, 4 of my character saves were completely gone. Before I launched DAI, it asked me if I wanted to use cloud or local storage, and I ALWAYS use local, so that's what I did this time, but I checked my save folder and turns out I indeed lost 2 months worth of local saves. What do I do? 

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Re: Lost 2 months worth of Local Saves

Was there an error or something that made you have to restart?
Not sure if you can recover local-only saves, all I can suggest is in future, back them up yourself on a regular basis. If you'd been using cloud saves, they'd probably still be there (as it stores your saves both on the cloud and locally)... Sorry I can't be more help, that's a new one. 
Also, you can disable cloud saving so it stops asking you if you want to use it (well, I assume it does), just uncheck the 'enable cloud saving for all games' check box in the cloud storage tab in your game information in Origin. Wink 


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