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Re: Inquisitor Arm Glitch

by lilfoxgirl

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Inquisitor Arm Glitch

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i have a weird one. I am playing a female elf mage and during cinematics, my arms sort of...disconnect. They drop down on my inquisitor a noticible distance and squish into her body.

As a result her arms become wildly stretched and her fingers grotesquetly distort during cinematics. odd thing is however, this ONLY happens when I'm in armor, when I'm in my civilan clothes it doesn't happen.

The armor itself is the apprentice mail gauntlets, the ones that are a full set of pauldrons and gauntlets. I'm not sure what's causing it as it only happens in cinema and ONLY when I'm wearing armor. While not game breaking it certainly is immerseion breaking. Any suggestions howt o deal with it?

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Re: Inquisitor Arm Glitch

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Having the same exact issue.  Also female elf mage.  The only solution ive found is to not use that armor piece, which is a shame because its the best looking piece i have.

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Re: Inquisitor Arm Glitch

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agreed. It's my favourite and I don't want to stop using it.

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Re: Inquisitor Arm Glitch

Community Manager

Thanks for the posts, just to check, it's the same issue as pictured here?




It's been affectionately named the "noodle arms" issue and we are investigating. 

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Re: Inquisitor Arm Glitch

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sadly no. The arms completely disconnect at the shoulder from the body, floating down by the mid chest and colliding INTO the body. WHen my character gestures the fingers distort and the hand stretches in a bizzare way.

I've tested other armors and it ONLY happens when i have the enchanter's mail arms equipped. Any other arms it odesn't do it iwth. THe obvious answer is 'don't use that armor' but A: I Like that armor and B: It's the best one I have.

I'm trying not to be a pain about it, it's just disappointed and immersion breaking.

The arms also stretch strangely, squishing out in the center making the armor hover off the body

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Re: Inquisitor Arm Glitch

★★★ Novice

As lilfoxgirl said it is not the same one as with the male elf. I'm playing a female elf mage and for some time her arms seem all wrong in the cutscenes. The arms stretch really long and seem not to be attached to her body, and the hands and fingers are all disjointed.


Here is a screenshot of one of her hands during a cutscene. I will try to take more the next time I play.


Monstrous hand

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Re: Inquisitor Arm Glitch

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My female elf mage has slender man arms which is quite distracting and it breaks the immersion for me. I hope this is addressed in the first patch cause I am primarily playing my female elf mage. 

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Re: Inquisitor Arm Glitch

Community Manager

Thanks. ghilbrae, can you PM me a copy of your DAS file where this is happening, and i'll try to replicate. 

The DAs files can be found at My Documents\BioWare\Dragon Age Inquisition\Save and will be timestamped. 

It's also the case where some of the weirder graphics issues are driver related, what card and driver set are you using? If you're not sure how to check this please just post a hastebin link to your dxdiag. If the issue doesn't manifest on other machines, it'll be interesting to see what sort of driver/card combo it does appear on. 



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Re: Inquisitor Arm Glitch

[ Edited ]
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i'm using a Radeon R9 290X with the latest graphic drivers that came on the CD (I had someone install it for me), if that helps...

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Re: Inquisitor Arm Glitch

Community Manager

If you use the drivers from the AMD website, does this help at all?


I suspect it won't, but I want to double check. 


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