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Hinterlands Mosaic missing piece "The Fall"

by zqfmgb123

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Hinterlands Mosaic missing piece "The Fall"

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I've gotten frustrated trying to find the last piece for "The Fall" so I looked it up online. I'm missing piece #5, and guide says it's located near Winterwatch Tower. I get there and there's no piece. I'm not sure what to do at this point.


Edit: I've loaded up an earlier save to see if that piece spawns and it definitely was there, and I definitely picked it up. I'm not sure why my latest save doesn't have it registered. Restarting from an earlier save is not an option I want to take, there's about 60 hours difference between the old save vs. current save.

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Re: Hinterlands Mosaic missing piece "The Fall"

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Fifth piece is in Fort Connor as per this video

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