Gamed gets stuck in one place

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Gamed gets stuck in one place

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Somewhere on the Exalted Plains map, at some point I decided to foolishly ride off the incomplete bridge right into the water, and it looks like I semi-died, because I keep lying on the ground and the game seems to be stuck in a loop where the screen makes the same kinda circular movement again and again, and I keep lying there, and the only thing I can do at that point is reangle the camera, cause the controls have stopped working too.


It wouldn't be an issue, if I could just load another moment in the game on relaunching it, but surprise - no matter which slot on my Saveds list I choose, I come back to the exact same moment of being hung between life and death. 


A screenshot attached, can't seem to upload a recording unfortunately


Would anybody know how to fix it? Thx

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If you are on a PC try to repair the game.


(Origin: Game Library > Right-click the game cover > Repair)

(EA app: My Collection > Click on the three dots on the game cover > Repair)
(Steam: Game Library > Right-click the game > Properties > Local Files > Verify integrity of game files.)


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