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Re: 'Flaskmaster' Skill from tempest is bugged

by wenche78

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'Flaskmaster' Skill from tempest is bugged

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My apologies if this had been reported before, my first time playing a Tempest.

I'm playing on PS4

Whenever I fast travel, the bonus extra potions given by the Flaskmaster skill disappear.

For example, I normally carry grenades and regen potions. With the Flaskmaster skill, I can carry 4 and 6 respectively. Whenever I fast travel, one of each vanishes leaving me 3/4 and 5/6 and I have to replenish them.

Not a huge deal because I have plenty of resources, but annoying for sure.
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Re: 'Flaskmaster' Skill from tempest is bugged

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Exact same problem on pc

is kind of a big issue when you go on main quest missions like to the Warden Keep ,without a full load of grenades

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Re: 'Flaskmaster' Skill from tempest is bugged

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I play on PC, and same problem. And its awefully annoying...

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