English voice pack installs automatically

by Tanuki88

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English voice pack installs automatically

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Hello! I live in Russia. I bought the game in the Russian region, and I'm launching it in ru region too. The language of my Win 10 and origin is Russian. When I install the game, I turn off the installation of English voice pack in the list of DLCs. However, after installation, it installs automatically. And in the game there is no way to select Russian voice, only English is in the list. The support team advised me to uninstall the game, disable automatic game updates in origin, and reinstall the game. I did it. And not a single update was installed automatically, except for English voice pack. I'm not kidding, even if you don't select it during installation, it installs automatically. A question for the experts: how to disable the automatic installation of this pack and install Russian voice acting?

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