English (voice) not available

by stollentrollette

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English (voice) not available

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Like so many people I have an issue with getting the game to start in english (voice).


EA App/client is installed in english.

Game was bought via MMOBA.

My home region ins Germany.

Voice Over DLC does not show up.

Everything on my account is set to "English" as default language yet my ea account page usually shows in German (god knows why). 


Reinstalled twice now, to no avail.


Read that there's an option to refund and buy somewhere else (although I wouldn't know where?). Is this really the only option I have to get the game I spent money one in it's original state or is there any other way?



I can't even start to describe how much I despise having to use this launcher due to these kind of problems. 

I wish EA would finally start to fix these language problems that cost so much time and nerves every time someone wants to switch the language of a game either voice or text!

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