Dragon age inqusition private multiplayer error

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Dragon age inqusition private multiplayer error

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I am new to Dragon Age Inquisition, and I am trying to play multiplayer with a friend (both on PC).
We are always getting the same error message "there was an error joining the game". I have Search for solutions online, tried VPN, Port forwarding, checked game integrity... Nothing seems to work. If I try a quick match, it connects me to a random game without issues, but when I (or my friend) create a game, we are not able to play together... I haven't really found a real solution online.
I have searched the EA forums as well but without success. It is only happening in multiplayer, and only when I'm trying to connect to a game with a friend. Or, when I am hosting a game and my friend is trying to connect to my game, he becomes the same error as well. If I try a Quick Match, there is no issue with connecting.
Do you have any solutions to this issue? Do you have any cases like this that have been successfully resolved?
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Re: Dragon age inqusition private multiplayer error

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Me and my friends also started to have this issue. I contacted EA support today and got an answer: "I would like to inform you that the game is sunset and we cannot support that game anymore. At the same time it costs 40€ on steam. What we have tried:

- Repairing the game.

- Reinstalling the game.

- Deactivated Firewall on PCs temporarily

- Cleared EA Play cache.


Multiplayer works if you use public side and your friend joins that. However, other people might end up joining as well so you might have a situation where you'd have to kick someone out, or your friend actually can't fit in.


EDIT: Got another reply. Apparently they are doing something for it.

After reviewing your case, I came to know that you are facing issues with Dragon Age Inquisition Multiplayer Issue.
I will do my best to help you with the issue.

I just consulted your case with our game team regarding your issue. Please first of all, accept my apology for the inconvenience caused.
I have checked the details the issue that you are facing is something which we're already aware of. We're receiving similar reports from other players around the globe.
Good thing is that this has been brought into the notice of our game team and they are diligently working to fix it as soon as possible.

We will be waiting for your response.
And please feel free to contact us back if you need any other assistance.
Thank you once again for contacting EA. Stay safe and have a good day.

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