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Re: Dragon Age Keep: Broken once again?!

by deiiimonis

Original Post

Dragon age keep not workimg again?

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Hey i just really wanna play again and now the keeps not working and i really dont want to use the default world

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Dragon Age Keep: 01/09/19 and broken once more

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Well well well.

Here we are again.


The Dragon Age Keep is doing the "Oops, an error occurred. Please refresh and try again." thing again, because we evidently didn't have enough of that as it is.

This is getting old.

So old, in fact, that I started doubting that EA was at fault and blaming my computer, my internet connection and, lastly, my pencil which has now magically turned into 4 separate short pencils. Rest in peace, pencil.

I tried all ways to debug it myself I could find and think of, including (but not limited to) switching internet browsers, clearing all caches and cookies, logging out and in and out and in again, restarting my PC, disconnecting and reconnecting, using previous advice by EA help advisers, praying to Cthulhu, sacrificing my own young to the Great Old Ones so that they may unleash their wrath upon the wicked and so on...


And all of this madness has finally driven me to this cursed place, but desperate times call for desperate measures.


So. My dear, dear EA.

Can someone over at HQ hit the servers with a stick or something? That would be great, thanks.

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Re: Dragon Age Keep is down 2019

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@Fury_of_the_Fall Yes, it’s been down for at least 2 days now. It’s a long weekend, I was looking forward to starting a new game. Bummer!
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Re: Dragon Age Keep: Broken once again?!

[ Edited ]
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There was another update on Twitter about 20 minutes ago. Nothing we didn't know already, but is reassuring nonetheless.


"Hey there, I just checked our known issues for the Dragon Age Keep and it appears that this issue has been submitted to our Dragon Age games team for investigation. There is not a time frame listed for the investigation to be resolved at this time, but hopefully soon. -Leon"


EDIT: as of 9/1/19, 6:45PM PST - The Keep appears to be back up now. Tapestry loads fine and I was able to import game states in game. The golden nug should be working too, I assume?


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Re: Dragon Age Keep down, September 2019

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Oh, so I am not the only one? For a second I though I was going to rip my hair out! Quite frustrating when I wanted to do slight changes to my world states - but nooooo, dragon age keep won't load >< Sorry, been very frustrating trying to solve it Disappointed


Edit: Just closed a chat with one of the tech supporters - they said the team is aware of it and working on fixing it. Still frustrating when this happens ><

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Re: Dragon Age Keep: Broken once again?!

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Looks like its fixed now actually. Or at least my tapestry is now showing up, anyways.

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Re: Dragon Age Keep: Broken once again?!

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@joeyakajaguar fixed here for me as well
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Re: Dragon Age Keep Down Today August 31, 2019

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@DeadMenDontLie71 keep appears to be back up and running
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Re: Dragon Age Keep: Oops, an error occurred AGAIN.

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As of right now the Keep is working for me.

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Re: Dragon Age Keep: Broken once again?!

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Yep, everything works now.

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