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Re: Dragon Age Keep: Broken once again?!

by Bev0531

Original Post

Dragon Age Keep Error Update Sept. 1 2019

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I just finished with the online chat representative and they said the help team has shared the error message with the studio team and they are "working on it." I was told once the studio team has an update they will post it on the official twitter handles - but no specific timeline was given. At least we know they are aware of the issue.

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Re: Dragon Age Keep: Broken once again?!

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I don't believe it's a holiday in Canada, so I'm still holding out hope for tomorrow.

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Dragon Age Keep Issue- September 2019

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What is going on with Dragon Age Keep?? The same issue from May- back again! I decided to play Dragon Age: Inquisition again, and this time I thought I would try importing from Dragon Age Keep to spice things up a bit. Logged in to Playstation Network, logged in at the keep and bam! It hit me with the "Oops, an error occurred. Please refresh the page and retry." So I do that. I refresh the page over and over to no avail. I feel like this website is broken, and that makes me sad. Can anyone tell me what's going on???

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Re: Dragon Age Keep Down Today August 31, 2019

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@bryceakeil93 I'm having the same issue :\ wanted to import choices made from origin up to Inquisition for a new play through and it's not working- again.
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Re: Dragon Age Keep Down Today August 31, 2019

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So i went to go check the site again right now, and this is what I found. I finally was able to click passed the error message, but the page was laggy and unreadable. the music is working now, but it's not showing any of your characters, tapestries, world states, nothing.

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Re: Dragon Age Keep: Oops, an error occurred AGAIN.

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Bit of a relief to know I'm not the only person with these exact issues at this present time, I will admit. Am moving laptops, upgrading because needs must, and I spent the entire day letting my new laptop download the entire of DA:Inquisition. It finished downloading, I could start it up fine(after making it an exception in Avast, of course), but when I went into DAKeep to check my world state and export to DA:I, there was nothing but that cheery error message. On two different computers. Sssso if EA would please show some love and care to the people whose money they keep doing their damnedest to gain, that'd be real nice!!!

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Re: Dragon Age Keep: Broken once again?!

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@N7-Leanne How can I find that tweet? Just created an account on Twitter and have NO clue what I'm doing.
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Re: Dragon Age Keep: Broken once again?!

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@N7-Leanne I wanna know that too. I searched their twitter profile, but couldn't find anything. Frown

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Re: Dragon Age Keep: Broken once again?!

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Dragon Age Keep not working September 2019

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Every time that I try to load the keep a message appears saying, “Oops an error occurred.” " please refresh the page and retry" I’ve already tried reloading the page multiple times and tried clearing browser cache and logging in and out again with different browsers  to no avail

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