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Re: Dragon Age Keep: Broken once again?!

by Bev0531

Original Post

Can not get Dragon Keep to work

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Ive been playing DAI alot recently and up till a couple of days ago everything was working fine. Now I cant access the Keep at all. 

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Dragon Age Keep: Oops, an error occurred AGAIN.

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The Dragon Age Keep is not functioning once again. Every time I try to connect my account and get to the tapestry I get "Oops, an error occurred". Tried it on my desktop, laptop and mobile device, with multiple browsers, cleared my cache, tried to use a private browser. Contacted support and they gave me a list of troubleshoots that were completely unhelpful. It's not an issue with Inquisition itself, it's a problem with the Keep, you'd think that after all these years of the same problem, that would be apparent by now. 


If anyone has a real fix please let me know, but I'm convinced this is on EA's end not ours. 

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Re: Dragon Age Keep: Broken once again?!

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So sad. My Dragon Age binge is on hold, and It would have been my first Inquisition playthrough...

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Dragon Age Keep not working again(09.01.19)

★★★★ Novice

I’ve been looking at this online a lot but Dragon Age Keep isn’t working again. Everyone’s responding to previous complaints but I’m not sure if you guys look at them seeing as they already have “solutions”. Basically I’m trying to start a new game with my custom world but dragon age keep isn’t working, same as before. Please fix this

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Re: Dragon Age Keep: Broken once again?!

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This is the latest information I'm seeing from the EA Help Twitter account:


EAHelp @EAHelp 


Hi Mert, Thanks for getting in touch about the problem with Dragon Age Keep. If the error you're getting is something similar to this:- " "oops an error occurred please refresh page and retry" - that is still under investigation. Hopefully we'll have an answer and a fix shortly after the weekend. Sorry for the hassle. -Owen

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Whats going on?

★★★ Newbie

I'm new to all this but have been playing DA since it came out I'm playing on xbox one and using an android to log into DA Keep I cannot sign into servers on my xbox nor can I use my phone to get into Keep am I doing something wrong?

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Re: Dragon Age Keep: Broken once again?!


I don't think they fix these issues in the weekend. They'll probably turn the server off and on again on Monday.

I don't work for EA.

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Dragon Age Keep down, September 2019

★★★★ Novice

It seems like Dragon Age Keep is down yet again. I can login fine, but nothing will load; I only receive the message “oops, an error occurred. Please refresh the page and retry”. All advice I’ve found online has proved unhelpful. Does anyone have any updates on the situation? A lot of other people in the community are also experiencing this issue. 

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Re: Dragon Age Keep Down Today August 31, 2019

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Lots of people are having this issue! I really hope that it is quickly resolved

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Re: Dragon Age Keep: Broken once again?!

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With Monday being a holiday, my guess is it won’t be fixed until Tuesday at the earliest. 

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