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Dragon Age Keep: Broken once again?!

by Tonakis17

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Dragon Age Keep: Broken once again?!

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Dragon Age Keep: Broken once again?!


I bought this game when it was new in 2014, and had issues syncing my game with save data from the previous titles, and eventually gave up just going with the default. I never beat it because I was disappointing how my choices did not reflect in the game.  After 4 and a half years, I'm troubled to see the same issue again. I either have terrible luck, or this happens quite often. Maybe somewhere in between.  Either way, I can log into the Dragon Age Keep but every page after that says "Oops, an error occurred.  Please refresh and try again."  I just want to play this blasted game with my "perfect" imports I spent over 100 hours working on x.x

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Re: Dragon Age Keep: Broken once again?!

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Community Manager (retired)

Hey everyone!


Studio is still working on the solution. Apologies that it wasn't fixed over the weekend. Once I will have more information, I'll post them here.


Thank you for your patience so far!


[UPDATE 21/05/2019]


The problem has now been resolved Standard smile Thanks for sticking with us!



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Dragonage keep "oops an error occurred"

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Hey, so I tried logging into my dragonage keep after a while and said error came up (oops an error occurred) and asking me to refresh and try again. I did, and tried other browsers as other people had, but nothing has worked. Even clearing my cache. Can anyone help? 



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Re: Dragonage keep "oops an error occurred"


I think everyone is having this issue at the moment. You'll probably have to wait for EA to fix it.

I don't work for EA.

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Re: Dragonage keep "oops an error occurred"


@Severism It's working again for me. Do you have access to the Keep now?

I don't work for EA.

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Dragon Age Keep "Oops an Error Occurred"

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Currently tried to load into Dragon Age Keep as I noticed my exported game state was missing upon launching DAI. I posted in a previously solved post, but figured starting a new one was wiser to address the issue.


I can currently log into the keep and utilize account check, but otherwise everything is coming up with the error message "Oops, an Error has occurred. I have tried refreshing, using different browsers, clearing cache and cookies, reinstalling origin and logging in and out of Dragon Age Keep. Nothing has fixed the problem that keeps occurring. The error message also has to be clicked multiple times before I am able to close it.

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Re: Dragon Age Keep "Oops an Error Occurred"

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I just entered and had the exact same issue, tried several browsers, refreshing, and nothing! The game won't recognize the keep either

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Re: Dragon Age Keep "Oops an Error Occurred"

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Also, when I attempt to use the UI to edit my settings in the tapestry, it's completely glitched out with fonts overlapping and pictures phasing into eachother.

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Re: Dragon Age Keep "Oops an Error Occurred"

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I cannot even use the tapestry at all, it just shows the error and it doesn't let me navigate it.
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DA: Keep "Oops, an error occured"

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Hey. So I wanted to replay Inquisition after forgetting about its existence for a year and a half, and first thing I do after downloading the game is, of course, to go and mess around with my Keep world states. But whenever I open DAK and successfully log in, I only ever get an "Oops, an error occured, please refresh the page and retry." I tried that, it didn't work, and then I tried those things:

  • Used different browsers (Microsoft Edge a.k.a Explorer 2.0; Chrome, ofc; Opera; Safari; My Xiaomi phone's web browser.)
  • Tried opening the Keep on PC, my phone, and iPad;
  • Then I chatted with an EA Support Game Advisor. He sent me an email with the troubleshooting things etc etc, and so I cleared the Origin cache, deleted Windows' temporary folder, and launched the game as an admin.

Alas, nothing worked. I've seen others have the same issue, but boy am I annoyed by this.

Here's a screenshot.



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Re: Dragon Age Keep "Oops an Error Occurred"

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Yes me too! I was so excited to start a new playthrough but who knows when they will fix Frown
I'm also getting all the fonts overlapping and stuff
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