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Re: Dragon Age Inquisition lag in cutscenes and when around multiple NPC's

by lcwest14

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Dragon Age Inquisition lag in cutscenes and when around multiple NPC's

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Hi there


I've started playing this game again on PC and I've noticed that even with my graphics on fairly low settings in game there seems to be lag/stuttering during cutscenes 

and when around lots of NPC's when playing the game. My graphics card is a GeForce GTX 980 and I feel I meet the requirements for this game but still no luck.


I've uninstalled, updated and reinstalled my drivers, rebooted the computer, currently on windows 10, turned off "origin in game" tab on origin as I've heard that helps, still to no avail. Iv'e disabled my anti virus on my PC and tried playing the game again but still lag. I've tried repairing the game through origin but there's still lag. Tried disabling directx on my diagnostics but no option there to to so. Have found on some other forums that putting in "-GameTime.MaxSimFps 60 -GameTime.ForceSimRate 60+" into my game properties helps to improve fps but still no luck. 

Doesn't seem to change anything in game, even with my graphics on fairly low. I feel they shouldn't be that low and ruin the quality of the game as my PC should be able to handle

higher settings. 


Have talked to EA advisers a few times and seem to be getting sent random links on how to fix different issues and seems like they don't really know what the problem could be. 

Hopefully someone here can help.



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Re: Dragon Age Inquisition lag in cutscenes and when around multiple NPC's

Your CPU is above min...and even recommended specs, yet it is still just a base 4 core processor, at IIRC, 3.2Ghz, with Rec spec of 4 core and 3.0Ghz.  If you have the option of two monitors, then it would make figuring out where the bottleneck is with this game easier.  The game is fairly hard on CPUs and GPUs even at it's age, and you need to find out which is causing the issue for you, or if it is something else. It wouldn't surprise me to find out you have enough other things running in the background that your CPU is maxed and that is why you are getting the lag...but you need to if possible find out for sure. 


The easiest way is to have either task manager or process explorer from Microsoft open on one screen, and the game on the other, and simply watch your numbers for CPU(and what is using it) and GPU.  This way, for example, if you see CPU 100% and GPU at 85% you know that the CPU is the issue, cause the GPU isn't maxing probably due to not having the info from the CPU.  If CPU is the issue, then you need to figure out how much of it is being used by the game, and how much is being used by background programs, and can you disable those background programs and free up more for the game.  IF GPU is the issue, then you may not be able to do much, except to lower things that stress graphics cards, such as AA, or Shadows, for example, or play with drivers to find the best for your purpose.


But you NEED to find out where the problem is, and then you can see about addressing it, while If neither are maxed, then it is something else odd occurring(overheating CPU/GPU, too full HD, corrupted file, bad driver for game, as some examples).....but you have to start somewhere.


I am NOT an EA employee, I am just a simple gamer like most everyone else here volunteering my help to those who may can use it .....That means I have to pay for my games just like you, lol.
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Re: Dragon Age Inquisition lag in cutscenes and when around multiple NPC's

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Hey thanks for your reply. Basically took it into the nearest tech support to see if they can find any problems or issues. Hopefully they’ll find something and it’s not the Graphics card. 



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