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DirectX Error

by Ansehelm

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Re: DirectX Error

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Think I found the prefect workaround - Borderless Gaming!

This little tool allows games to run in windowed mode, but it looks as if it's full screen. In windowed mode I never have crashes, regardless of the graphics quality settings!

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Re: DirectX Error

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I'm sick and tired of trying to fix this, it's clearly not a hardware issue be it CPU RAM or GPU problem, don't give us these excuses!!

This game has given me and the other "77 Pages" of people constant issues. What hurts me the most is that I spend 69 Euros on the pre order to support the game/ company on a squeal that I love and none of the EA Staff or whoever is responsible for this game has came out with a solution.

Shame on you! 

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Re: DirectX Error

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Also have this identical problem. Unable to find a fix for it.

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Re: DirectX Error

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I also have this error. I recently reinstalled the game, with everything up to date and game crashes with Direct X error at the very first cutscene. Can't even play the game. I tried lowering the settings to minimum, disabling origin in game, basically I've tried everything suggested in this thread.

So is there any general consensus on what to do? Or just accept the fact that I wasted a lot of money on this game?

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Re: DirectX Error

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It is surprising they never fixed this and unfortunately I am unaware of any one thing helping. I posted in this thread a number of times last December and January so if you've read the whole thing then I can't offer any new advice. I'll repeat that the only thing that seemed to work for me was playing in windowed mode but I know that did not work for everyone. That may have been combined with some settings that I posted a few times here; probably back around page 50 or 60 something would have been the last time I repeated it. I hope you manage to figure out a way to get it working; otherwise EA should really offer a refund as they don't seem willing fix it. I don't know that EA reads these forums though as they seem to be intended for players to help each other out. I never tried emailing EA directly about this but they must have received numerous complaints about the crashes.

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Re: DirectX Error

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Re: DirectX Error

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@fortknox97 Is it Dragon Age Inquisition, or Fifa that is giving you an error?


If it's Fifa, please post on the Fifa 17 Board.

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Re: DirectX Error

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Re: DirectX Error



That hastebin file is basically blank....don't know if the link is an error, you didn't upload correctly, or if Hastebin is flaking out....


Please try again, and maybe also post exactly what is going on and anything you have done to fix well as any mods you are using. 

I am NOT an EA employee, I am just a simple gamer like most everyone else here volunteering my help to those who may can use it .....That means I have to pay for my games just like you, lol.
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