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Re: Death on Revive

by fajans82

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Death on Revive

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Hi, everyone. I have been encountering an issue relatedo to Solas Revive spell/skill. Each time he uses in on fallen companion it causes thet companion is alive with almost 0HP and with burning effect. So he dies almost immediately. I tried with different mage's staff but the effect is still the same. Somone help? 

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Re: Death on Revive

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Did you upgraded the spell so its just temporary revive fight at 50% more power and die again???? And did you make the mistake auto-level-up on him??? I think you let him auto-upgrade and he did the upgrade so any revive spell he use only temporary revive.  The solution is switch that upgrade for the other.

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Re: Death on Revive

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@Elizabeth_QC Yes you're right, i choose wrong modifier. Thanks
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