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Re: DA:I Graphic and Dialogue Glitches, Missing Sounds

by 19canucks77

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DA:I Graphic and Dialogue Glitches, Missing Sounds

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I have had several issues with NPCs falling through the ground (notably requisition quest giver in the Hinterlands definitely at the camp by the farm). Also, on the loading screen there is a weird black box or outline at the bottom right corner around the icons or just in general while on the loading screen. I have also seen a drop off in the fps quite a bit.


Dialouge had also been an issue. It is glitching to where it won't let me select any options or will freeze up and I won't be able to do anything but close the game.


Also later last night in battle the sounds just stopped. Some of the sounds were coming through but none of my attacks were sounding and then all at once they cam back in.


Anyone else experiencing any of these issues??? I should also mention I'm on PS4... LOVE the game, but I wish these things weren't happening. 

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Re: DA:I Graphic and Dialogue Glitches, Missing Sounds

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These are my issues (dialogue mostly) on ps4:


- game freezes during dialogue scenes in Haven

- minor dialogue scenes (the non-cinematic ones) seem broken as well. If i finish a fight or arrive in a context sensitive area controlling anyone other than the pc and a speech bubble pops up I can't select any of the options so the dialogue continues but my character didn't say anything

- also my party hasn't engaged in "party banter" in hours of free roaming through different locations. I tried changing my crew but makes no difference. I'm about 9-10 hrs in I'd say and I just got sera in my crew and the all seem to have nothing to say to one another now


Great game! but this is pretty broken : ( Save file corrupted?


Oh also had an issue where I was stuck on one party member couldn't cycle through characters at all and another time my characters never "disengaged" from combat just kept running around with weapons at the ready. Both times had to load a previous save to fix the problem.


ok thats it! Awesome game but badly needs to be patched!!

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Re: DA:I Graphic and Dialogue Glitches, Missing Sounds

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Yep. That sounds about right. I love the game (and universe as well), but I really need them to fix these issues because I paid way too much to have so many errors. Some I might understand, but some of the issues are egregious.

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Re: DA:I Graphic and Dialogue Glitches, Missing Sounds

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I'm having the exact issues but with PC. I'm at a point where I defeat a boss and clearly there is dialogue to be had but no wheel is present & my character just sits there looking at the said boss. Have had audio glitches through out...hope EA has a patch coming soon...great game but lots of bugs early on!

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Re: DA:I Graphic and Dialogue Glitches, Missing Sounds

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Had to reload a previous saved game; beat the boss again and same thing...frustrating to say the least! Not sure how to get around this?

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Re: DA:I Graphic and Dialogue Glitches, Missing Sounds

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I am having the same audio issus some of the ambiant sounds, like Birds and Wind, Water etc will be there, but dialog and battle sounds will not be, If I backed out of the game, shut the game down ( not the console ) and started back up it will work again for a while, it seems to happen during or just after a battle or if i loose all teammates and continue. One thing I found that got the sounds back without having to get out of the game and start it up again was simply hitting the L1 button to bring up my mount and character command menue, then without choosing anything hit it again to close the menue, this has brought back my sound 9 out os 10 times, and I am also playing on the PS4..I have also had the isue of bringing up one of the menues with R1 or L1 but can do nothing with them once they open, VERY frustrating I absolutely love this game, but these isus really take the fun out of it and makes it extreamly aggravating when these things happen !

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